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The Sounds

Wonderhead is the handle of a guy on a great explore that's making up songs along the. Some were written years ago, rehashed, and brought back to life. 

The Sights

As a child my parents used to take my sister and I on "great explores". The only requirement was to drive until we would come to a place that we had never been to or seen before. I always thought that was something everyone grew up doing. Well, it created a lasting desire to keep exploring and here are some of the things I've seen along the way. 


Restoring a 1960’s Silvertone Archtop

by admin,

But I had hope that I could make it a player. I found an old Silvertone Archtop at a local antique store a few weeks ago. It was laying in the corner, next to a pile of has-been books, records, and vintage what-not. When I…

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